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Concrete Contractors Near Me Vancouver WA

Concrete Contracting & Flat Work Services in Vancouver

 Concrete Conctractors Near Me Vancouver

When it comes to hiring a concrete contractor for your home or business, it’s important to hire someone who executes the job with precision and without any mistakes that will have to be fixed down the road. You want extensively experienced contractors who are bonded, licensed, and insured, with an excellent track record that you know will deliver the best concrete work.

Kris Eilts Concrete provides concrete services to every Vancouver concrete project, grading soil, and flatwork, such as laying down cement for patios, walkways, and driveways.

Concrete Flat Work & Hardscaping Services

With 25 years of hardscaping, flatwork, and grading projects under our belts, our Vancouver contractors know how to build a perfectly smooth and customized slab for your specific needs. We guarantee that the finished product in your driveway, backyard, front yard, or anywhere else you need concrete will be finished for rugged and permanent use.

Our concrete contractors create durable, customized, stamped, and sectioned concrete structures catered to your liking.

  • Driveways: A freshly stamped, lined, and even colored slab of concrete gives a unique look and curb appeal to an often-overlooked feature of your home. Count on our contractors to make sure your concrete driveway is pristine and up to code.
  • Patios: A patio can be smooth, stamped, or have a unique color or design. Your patio is meant to be an extension of your living space, not just a gray surface. Let our contractors lay down your vision for the perfect barbecue or outdoor relaxation spot.
  • Walkways and Sidewalks: The footpaths leading to your front door should be as elegant as the rest of your home. We build inviting walkways that are always up to code and last long. We also build ramps for raised walkways. This area of our work also includes sloped surfaces for ADA accessibility, driveways, and loading docks.

We also do concrete for garages, outbuildings, pole barns, and more.

Our concrete contracting is held to strict standards to ensure your satisfaction:

  • Up to code
  • Guaranteed labor
  • Locally sourced concrete from CalPortland

  • Stamping done right
  • Precisely timed
  • Maintained client communication

Excavation Contracting and Concrete Removal

Concrete Excavation Vancouver WA

Our contractors also offer excavation services for removing old concrete slabs or other obstacles built into your yard. We operate heavy machinery for removing concrete and replacing it with new constructions. Our excavating contractors have the training, concrete experience, and certifications to complete the job promptly while prepping your space for future work and development. We work under code compliance and use top-tier equipment to dig out unwanted concrete, drains, pipes, or other structures and obstructions on your Vancouver property.

We’ll replace any of your damaged concrete and repair your site for a new concrete project, whether that involves digging trenches for drains or pouring an entirely new concrete slab.

Our Methods for Concrete Excavation:

  • Remove old concrete
  • Install gravel
  • Compact to code

  • Install rebar (optional)
  • Broom, Exposed, Colored or Stamped surfaces

Our Concrete Contractors Get It Right the First Time, Guaranteed

When it comes to smooth, even, and durable surfaces, nothing beats concrete installed by our professionals. A new concrete driveway, walkway, garage, or patio can add value to your home when you choose quality workmanship from Kris Eilts Concrete. The results of your new concrete addition will create a unique outdoor experience that will last you a lifetime. Call us today!