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Concrete is permanent, so it’s important to hire a professional concrete contractor who will get the job done right the first time. Whether it’s laying the groundwork for a new outdoor living space or an unfortunate event of standing water near your home, the 3 step process at Kris Eilts Concrete and Drainage will help you decide on the best options for you.

Comprehensive Concrete and Drainage Solutions


We take the time to sit down and listen to you, your needs and concerns.


We sketch out some different ideas and options for your project.


We take your project and provide options based on budget and future needs.

If You Have A Drainage Problem, We Have A Solution

As contractors who specialize in drainage, our main priority to ensure your yard and the perimeter around your home has excellent drainage. We install French drains, perimeter drainage, and more. The team at Kris Eilts Concrete and Drainage are able to address any concrete, drainage issue that threatens the livability or structural integrity of your home:

  • Underground Springs
  • Flooding and Water Intrusion
  • Concrete Removal and Replacement

  • Inspector Flags
  • Standing Water
  • And More

Yard Drainage Solutions Vancouver WA

Committed To Quality Concrete Installation

When it comes to smooth, even, and durable surfaces, nothing beats concrete installed by a professional who knows how it’s done. A new concrete driveway, walkway, garage, or patio can add value to your home when you choose quality workmanship from our contractors. The results of your new concrete addition will create a unique outdoor experience that will last you a lifetime.

Expect excellence from our concrete floor installations:

Everything Up To Code
Precise Timing
Color & Finish Options

Local Excavation Services

The whole purpose of excavation is to prepare, whether this is for a french drain to divert water away from your home or to create a good base for new concrete. Whatever you’re installing will only be as good as the base you prepare for it. This preparation starts with, what an awareness of what is underground, like gas, water, and cable lines.

Our skilled and licensed team focuses on safely removing concrete, dirt, and debris without damaging anything in the process. After the excavation process has been complete, we can further our preparation by creating a proper subgrade. We ensure correct thickness, compaction, and drainage of each of our concrete or french drain projects.

  • Remove All Concrete And Rebar
  • Install Gravel Base
  • Compact Everything To Code

  • Installing Optional Rebar
  • Forms Installed Accurate To Code
  • Pouring Of Concrete

Concrete Vancouver WA

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