Encapsulated Crawlspace Vancouver WA

Vancouver’s first choice for crawlspace protection

Encapsulatetd Crawlspace Vancouver WAA home’s crawlspace can often be forgotten about despite its exposure to the elements and other potential for damage. A crawl space can easily pool water, allowing moisture penetration and molding that ultimately leads to significant structural damage to your home. Even without flooding, moisture can accumulate and permeate your cement, ultimately causing mold and dry rot. Luckily, instead of waiting to launch an expensive repair project, you can call Kris Eilts Concrete and Drainage for crawlspace protection that will keep your home guarded from any of the outside world’s harmful intrusions.

From building out a sturdy drainage system that prevents water pooling, to encapsulating your crawlspace with a vapor barrier to prevents increased humidity, we’ll be sure your crawl space never experiences water-based damage that affects the rest of your house.

Crawlspace encapsulation that Vancouver counts on

Encapsulation is a great preventative measure for crawlspaces that are particularly vulnerable to moisture accumulation. Water can An encapsulated crawlspace is the most effective measure to preventing moisture build up underneath your home. Our specialized process completely seals off the surfaces of your crawlspace from the ground to the walls, preventing excess moisture from collecting and causing any potential molding or other problems. In this process, we use a thick polyethylene barrier to completely cover your crawlspace surfaces, and we also install a dehumidifier that keeps the humidity levels in your crawlspace low enough to never cause moisture collection. This will eliminate any outside elements and protect your crawlspace as a whole. The complete benefits of this encapsulation process include:

  • Improve air quality
  • Avoid mold and mildew issues
  • Prevents housing for pests and insects
  • Energy savings
  • Can add a clean storage area

Don’t let minor dampness in your crawlspace lead to significant damages to your house. Call Kris Eilts today for crawlspace encapsulation services that protect your living space and offer additional long term benefits.

Additional Crawlspace drainage services for Vancouver homes

The Pacific Northwest is known for regular, year-round rainfall, so maintaining a well made water drainage infrastructure is key to preventing flooding and water collection in and around your home. In addition to preventing moisture buildup in your crawlspace that leads to molding and other unnoticed damage, Kris Eilts Concrete and Damage also offers comprehensive drainage system construction. We know how to examine your home, plan a construction, and install a drainage system that’s tailor made to prevent water pooling under and around your building. Our installation will ensure you have fast-acting, effective drains that divert water buildup from your basement, crawlspace and yard. Our process includes digging trenches, installing pipes and placing French drains to eliminate the possibility of standing water, even during Vancouver’s rainy seasons. We also use sump pumps to pump water that could potentially fill your crawlspace away from your home.

Our contractors extensive knowledge of concrete, excavation, and gutter systems guarantee that we’ll be able to suggest and execute the best drainage plan for your specific home’s needs. Don’t ever worry about the heavy rains again with our help, call us today.

Reliable water damage repair for Vancouver crawlspaces

crawlspace encapsulation services for Vancouver
If you’ve already found water accumulation or molding in your crawlspace, contact our trained professionals. We’ll assess the situation and offer a clear strategy for repairing your damaged crawlspace. Don’t let water in your crawlspace lead to a larger, more expensive problem for your home. Call Kris Eilts Concrete and Drainage today!